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Freshly homemade delicious and healthy food, deliver to your doorstep.

What are my meal plans?

Swadam Kitchen

Meals plans consist of a subscription-based homemade food delivery offering. You can choose and customize all your meals from our extensive menu and enjoy delicious flavors of Indian & local cuisines. Prepared with fresh ingredients and hygienically without any added preservatives by our in-house talented chefs Swadam Kitchen understands and caters to Your love for homemade and your concern about health all in your budget.

Menu and Offers

We provide the “fix sets of items” to fill the gap between the unpleasant and the expensive food of Town. Our price are affordable and reasonable as well.

Menu Week 1 and 3
Menu Week 2 and 4

Our Subscription:


  • Get 12 days Non-Veg Lunch @Rs 2388 only/- and Veg Lunch @ Rs 2100 only/-
  • Get 26 days Non-Veg Lunch @ Rs 5174 only/- and Veg Lunch @ Rs 4550 only/-


  • Get 12 days Snacks @ Rs 1188 only /-
  • Get 26 days Snacks @ Rs 2574 only/-
  • Get 12 days Combo set of Snacks & Fresh Juice @Rs 4788 only/-

Our Offers:

  • Buy 10 box of Non-Veg lunch set @Rs 199 and get 1 free lunch set.
  • Buy 10 box of Veg lunch set @Rs 175 and get 1 free lunch set.
  • Buy 10 box alternate Non-Veg and Veg lunch set @ Rs 179 and Get 1 free Lunch set.

Why try Swadam kitchen?

Wholesome and Healthy

Our top priority is ensuring that every meal is healthy and is devoid of nasty preservatives, food colorants, or additives and each meal is nutrient-dense and seasoned with love and care is nutrient dense and seasoned with love and care.

Homemade by homechefs

We take pride in empowering local home chefs by helping them showcase their culinary skills. So, every meal you buy at Swadam Kitchen goes a long way in helping the upliftment of a home chef.

Quality Product

We provide the “Best Quality food” in a reasonable price. We are homemade based food cooked in Nepali Style.

Memorable Experience

.No More hassle of planning what to cook, where to buy groceries from, or figuring out a healthy recipe on a busy day - It's all done easily hassle-free because Swadam Kitchen has got it all covered.

Varieties of Food

We have the availability of assortment of food made in total hygienic manner.

Quick Delivery

We deliver the lunch promptly. We assure you the food won’t be harm neither damaged.